Our Restaurant Guide is a handy reference to eating and drinking establishments around Kinkakuji, Ryoanji, Ninnaji and Myoshinji. Use it to navigate the area's food scene, and explore everything from long-established, famous restaurants to local offerings like yudofu (boiled tofu) and hand-made soba noodles, as well as fresh sushi, Western-style dining, and bakery cafés that hit the sweet spot. We hope that you find the Restaurant Guide helpful for discovering the perfect spot to drop in and recharge before continuing on to the next temple. Bon appétit!

Restaurant Guide

Hungry visitors looking for a great place to lunch or just relax in the Kinukake-no-michi area will find it here on the Lunch Map. The curated listings run the gamut from traditional restaurants that have been winning accolades for generations to brand-new, trendy hangouts for coffee aficionados.

Listings are broken down into three geographic areas: The vicinity around Kinkakuji, the neighborhood surrounding Ryoanji, and locations near to both Ninnaji and Myoshinji. More than a simple presentation of the area and its restaurants, our convenient Restaurant Guide also pinpoints locations, describes the types of cuisine available and even offers video introductions. The official webpage for every venue that has one is just a click away, along with the establishment’s description and ratings from the restaurant review site Tabelog. Make the map your portal for finding the best of Kinukake-no-michi road's food and drink.

Kinkakuji Area

  • Café dé ISO(Café and purveyor of select Chinese teas and sweet desserts. Accessible and barrier-free.)WebsiteTabelog
  • Omurahouse(Specializing in omuraisu, Japanese-style rice-filled omelettes)WebsiteTabelog
  • O-Shokuji Dokoro Kinkaku(Lunch menu and lunch buffet; obansai casual homestyle Kyoto-style dishes; kyoryori Kyoto seasonal cuisine)More InfoTabelog
  • Kinu(Lunch menu; udon noodle dishes; full-course set menu)Tabelog
  • Gold Roll(Café faire; Japanese-style Swiss Rolls; sweet desserts; lunch menu)WebsiteTabelog
  • Zip café(Lunch menu; café dining)WebsiteTabelog
  • Hinadori(Lunch menu; Western dining; French cuisine)Tabelog
  • Furuta(Udon noodle dishes)Tabelog
  • Mother Goose(Café-style menu; Japanese-style Swiss rolls; sweet deserts)More InfoWebsiteTabelog
  • Ramen Kazu(Ramen dishes; lunch menu)WebsiteTabelog
  • Wara(Tofu dishes; Kyoto-style yuba soy dishes; lunch menu)Tabelog
  • Kinugasa Zen(Lunch menu; Kyoto-style udon noodle dishes; tempura)Tabelog
  • Kyo-no Soba Hanamaki-ya(Lunch menu; hand-made soba noodles; kyoyasai traditional Kyoto vegetable dishes)More InfoTabelog
  • Itadaki(Lunch menu; Western dining; kyoyasai traditional Kyoto vegetable dishes)WebsiteTabelog
  • Kinkakuji-tei(Lunch menu; soba and udon noodle dishes; Japanese restaurant favorites)Tabelog
  • Gontaro at Kinkakuji(Lunch menu; soba and udon noodles; Kyoto-style udon-suki hot-pot dishes)More InfoWebsiteTabelog
  • Ishida Coffee(Café-style menu; purveyor of coffees and teas)Tabelog
  • Dainoji(Okonomiyaki crepe-filled dishes; Kyoto kujo negi green onion dishes; lunch menu)WebsiteTabelog
  • Muten Kura Sushi at Kinkakuji(Kaiten conveyor-belt sushi dishes; lunch menu)WebsiteTabelog
  • Yutaka(Lunch menu; kyoryori Kyoto seasonal cuisine; kaiseki multi-course Japanese haute cuisine)More InfoTabelog
  • Coffee Cobo(Coffee house; café-style menu)Tabelog
  • Kifuku-an(Lunch menu; udon noodle; sweet deserts)
  • Nakau(Gyu-don Beef Bowl udon noodle)Website

Ryoanji Area

  • Coffee FUKUI(Café-style menu; donuts; sweet desserts)Tabelog
  • Shimada(Lunch menu; wagyu Japanese beef steak; teppanyaki hot-plate cuisine; stew)Tabelog
  • Puchiru(Western dining and spirits)Tabelog
  • Locanda Kidaya(Lunch menu; Italian cuisine)WebsiteTabelog
  • Kyoto Darumaya Shokudo(Lunch menu; full-course set menu; Japanese diner-style meals)WebsiteTabelog
  • Katsu(Okonomiyaki crepe-filled dishes; yakisoba fried noodles; lunch menu; teppanyaki hot-plate cuisine)More InfoWebsiteTabelog
  • Yamaneko-ken(Lunch menu; pasta dishes; café-style menu; waffle)More InfoWebsite
  • Teuchi Udon Shofuku-tei(Hand-made udon and soba noodle dishes)Tabelog
  • Seigen-in(Shojin ryori Zen Buddhist vegetarian cuisine; yudofu boiled tofu dishes; Kyoto-style yuba soy dishes)Tabelog
  • Takeshita(Kappo open-kitchen traditional cuisine; koryori small, crafted stand-alone dishes; kyoryori Kyoto seasonal cuisine)WebsiteTabelog
  • Chikurin no Sato - Main Location(Kaiseki multi-course Japanese haute cuisine; Kyoto-style yuba soy dishes; kyoryori Kyoto seasonal cuisine; tea and coffee)WebsiteTabelog
  • Nakano-ya(Shikoku-style handmade sanuki udon; tempura; self-serve style Japanese dishes)Tabelog
  • Ryoan-ji Ai Oi(Lunch menu; Japanese restaurant- and diner-style meals; full-course set menu)Tabelog
  • Ryoan-ji Zendofu Rokuta(Tofu dishes; Kyoto-style yuba soy dishes)More InfoWebsiteTabelog
  • Chikurin no Sato – Chisoku-an Location(Tea and coffee house faire; Kyoto-style yuba soy dishes; tofu dishes; kyoryori Kyoto seasonal cuisine; lunch menu)Website
  • Bamboo(Lunch menu; Japanese/Western fusion dishes; full-course set menu)Website

Ninnaji/Myoshinji Area

  • Ageta-tei(Japanese restaurant favorites; Kyoto-style menrui noodle dishes; donburi rice bowl dishes; alcoholic beverages)More InfoTabelog
  • Ippuku Tea House(Café menu; Japanese and Western sweet desserts; tea and coffee)Tabelog
  • Okara House(Lunch menu; café menu; tea and coffee; natural foods)Tabelog
  • Omuro Matsukaze(Lunch menu; soba and udon noodle dishes)Tabelog
  • Tomoshibi(Lunch menu; okonomiyaki Japanese crepe-style “pizza”; teppanyaki hot-plate cuisine)Tabelog
  • Family Kitchen Pu(Lunch menu; Indian curries; tea and coffee)WebsiteTabelog
  • Brasserie Seki(Lunch menu; French cuisine; French home-style cooking)WebsiteTabelog
  • Wonder Café(Café menu; Japanese curry; lunch menu; sweet desserts)More InfoTabelog
  • Rakuten O(Yakiniku style barbecue; motsu nabe hot pot dishes; gyu nabe beef pot dishes; wines)WebsiteTabelog
  • Omura Sanowa(Japanese-style café; Japanese teas; sweet desserts; chagashi tea cakes)More InfoWebsiteTabelog
  • Sakon(Creative cuisine; kyoryori Kyoto seasonal cuisine; Japanese-French fusion)More InfoWebsiteTabelog
  • Washoku-Dokoro BON(Kyoto-style yuba soy dishes; kyoryori Kyoto seasonal cuisine; Japanese restaurant favorites; tea and coffee)WebsiteTabelog
  • Kagari(Lunch menu; menrui noodle dishes; coffee shop dining)Tabelog
  • Mancho(kyoryori Kyoto seasonal cuisine; kaiseki multi-course Japanese haute cuisine; unagi eel delicacies; kyoyasai traditional Kyoto vegetable dishes)More InfoWebsiteTabelog
  • Susakabe An(Lunch menu; soba noodle dishes)Tabelog
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